Paper Airplane Guru

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You, too, can be a guru!

That’s the great thing about paper airplanes, they offer so much but require so little— which means anyone can become a guru with enough patience, practice, and perseverance.

Simple and Flexible

Think about it. Paper airplanes can be enjoyed solo or with others. You can fold and fly them just about anywhere—adjusting easily to different spaces and places.

They’re cheap, requiring just a few household materials. And they can be fit into any length of time, from 10 minutes to two hours (or more, when it comes to those of us obsessed with the craft).

Fun and Challenging

Paper airplanes offer amazing benefits. They provide a wealth of fun, challenging, and exciting opportunities.

They can be a healthy form of competition. They exemplify mathematics, geometry, and physics principles.

And paper airplanes can be extremely active, getting the body moving to throw and retrieve them.

Inspiring and Inventive

Parents and teachers will appreciate that folding and flying paper airplanes hones eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and attention to detail.

There is something magical about seeing a child be patient and imaginative, embracing the spirit of experimentation and not afraid to try and fail, and try again.

The striving for continuous improvement runs rampant in all paper airplane gurus, because even if you reach guru status, you know you can still always do better.

Happy folding—and flying!

Spirit Paper Airplane in a circle of stars

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