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My first great paper airplane flight was in third grade--I folded a plane similar to the Flyer, and with a gust of wind it flew for what seemed like 30 seconds. Since that day, I've spent hundreds of hours folding paper in every possible way, attempting to replicate that excitement.

But I didn't just want to fly the best paper airplanes, I really wanted to create the best paper airplanes. I believe the Spirit is that plane. Even the first versions looked so cool and flew so well that I knew she would change the paper airplane world. For years, the Spirit was top secret. The secret was let out in 2008 when I introduced v.3 to the world in a YouTube video. Then in 2011, the Spirit was featured in "High Fliers: 5 Great Paper Airplane Designs" by Mike Smith of Yahoo Games.

Although the Spirit has not broken any world records (yet), it does provide a fantastic platform for teachers to discuss Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics or just to inspire and/or motivate students.

To be honest, I won't be happy until every STEAM teacher in the USA can fold one. In any case, the Spirit took me years to master, but you can learn it today!

This site is my way to share the Spirit, along with my other paper airplane designs, with the world. Here you'll find step-by-step paper airplane instructions and ready-to-print paper airplane templates so you can fold and fly your own fantastic paper airplanes.

Good luck and enjoy! Kevin Saunders aka Paper Airplane Guru


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Spirit Paper Airplane in a circle of stars

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